Choorakkodi kalari sangam
Kalari "Kalarippayattu," which is the Art of Fighting, is gaining attraction in foreign countries. According to the report from Switzerland, in the stages of different world countries, the Indians are overflowing, and this art is highly encouraged by them. In the last October, the Director of "SIGARO," in the Greatest Theatre Complex of France and other seven talented persons are selected from nearly 60 camps. The only one of them from Kozhikode District was A.M.Shamsuddeen, One of the students of Ustad C.M.M.Gurukkal of Choorakkodi Kalari in Chelavoor.
The power of Kalari

The western of Choorakkaudi Kalari troop had staged their shows in Russia and different Gulf countries. Various eminent persons had come to Choorakkudi Kalari in Kerala for studying Kalari Performance, and Kalari treatment Dr.Baratt (Emory University), former world Heavy Weight Champion, Mohammed Aley are among them.

Kalaripayattu, which was once considered to be a method of Fighting, is now known as a sports item. After achieving body relaxation, the steps are Kothari and then Angathari. Hard work, increased patience, confidence, discipline, and respect to the teacher and proudness are essential for the practice of this art. Karate, which gives much interest to the youth today, is the modern way of the Thambakkai practice of Kalarippayattu. Three centuries before, Noynoy, Praberboda, Debra, and others who visited Kerala have praised about Kalarippayattu and Nair Soldiers in their books.

In the old years, there were famous Kalaries in 64 Villages. There Kalaries were attached to the houses of eminent persons. Years back, Kalarippayattu was part of the syllabus in Kathiroor high schools and Cheroopa Illini Board Schools. But today it is doubtful that this art gets a decreasing promotion. It is happy to know that from this year, Kalarippayattu Academy has been established for learning Kalarippayattu under the relationship of Kalarippayattu Association.

Uzhichil, a kalari Treatment

Much importance is paid today for Kalari Uzhichil. Under the central Govt, in ten districts Project Massage Training Centers are organised.
With the Co-Operation fo Parambarya Vaidya Foundation, training has been given to 300 adults, for the men and women. The massage course of Calicut District was conducted in Choorakkodi Kalari ( Complex).

about Choorakkodi Kalari

The founder and Chief Guru of Choorakkudi Kalari, Usthad C.M.M.Gurukkal, was attracted by Kalari practice in his childhood. He traveled all over Kerala and acquired skills in the various Kalari methods like Thekkabnura, Vadakkanmura, Thulunadan Mura, and Kadathanadan Mura.For this, he has been a student to nearly 50 teachers, and such eminent teachers are E.P.Abdulrahiman Gurukkal, Floor Abdullakutty Gurukkal, Chirakkal T.Sreedharan Nair Gurukkal, Hydros Gurukkal, and Francis Eelam. He has studied under Hakeem Abu Ahammed Ponnani, K.T.Mahavan Vadiyar, Raghavan Thirumulpad, for presenting Kalari Chikilsa and Ayurveda.

Parambarya Chikilsa and Unani Chikilsa

About 35 years back, he started a Kalari attached to his house and began Kalari Training and Kalari Treatment. It was started then in the name Shafi Dava Khana Ayurveda Chikilasa Kendram, and after that, it was known as Choorakkudi Kalari Chikilsalayam.
It has now grown as S.D.K. Health Complex. This has been a resort to desperate patients and well known in and outside Kerala and other foreign countries.
In the institution, there are eminent and expect doctors all Gurukkals. Towards of people are working in this field with the aim of teaching for those willing to study Kalari Chikilsa and Kalarippayattu.
The discipline of the Gurukkal is conducted Kalari Chikilsa and Kalari and outside Kerala. Including Gulf Countries. Choorakkudi Kalari Gurukkal has the aim of making this ancient art and way of treatment useful to the various gurukuls of the world.

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Choorakkodi Kalari Sangam
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