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SDK Health Complex is known for its excellent treatment in the field of medicine for the last 45 years. Situated in Chelavoor, Wayanad Road, Calicut. Founder Usthad CMM Gurukkal was an erudite physician in Ayurvedic, Yoga, Kalari and Marma methods of curing. We are imparting medical treatment even for the most difficult curable diseases through the methods of Ayurvedic, Kalari, Marma and Natural Cure.
SDK is famous as a relief center for patients having problems related to bones & tissues such as fractures children suffering from weakness of limbs, and those who are unable to walk are cured to the maximum extent here.
Our Institution provides instruction of Kalari Payattu – Martial art of Kerala, Yoga, through the scientific methods of teaching. We are having a 50 Bedded Hospital with most experienced male & female masseur. They perform under the strict supervision of qualified doctors.
Usthad CMM Gurukkal
Founder - Usthad CMM Gurukkal
Usthad CMM Gurukkal, the leading light of SDK, had an interesting life chronicle. With a keen interest in Kalari, the traditional Martial Art form of Kerala, and Marma Shasthra, he went out seeking every known fact about them. During his odyssey for deep knowledge, he came across fifty-odd Gurus from every nook and corner of our homeland. After becoming a Guru himself, he started Shafi Devakhana, a small Kalari and Marma treatment center in the beginning that attracted so many people from different walks of like. His consummate knowledge saved many; cured thousands and quite naturally fame reached new heights.

As a part of the treatment center, he began a Kalari center, which is known as Choorakody Kalari Sangham. This homegrown Martial Art Centre drew quick attention from overseas frequented the place with an intense desire to learn the Kerala Tradition of Martial Arts.
Dr. Saheer Ali, Son of the Founder, the sole inheritor of the rich legacy bequeathed by the Gurukkal is at the helm of affairs of the present SDK Complex
Dr. Saheer Ali
Managing Partner - Dr. Saheer Ali
Ayurveda, the invaluable treasure of the orient, is the gem of all wisdom we gained from the scriptures and practices of our ancestors. It is the mantra of peaceful living. It is the potion and tonic of SUKHA. The magic word Sukha, means the well-being of the whole environment, involves every being in the world; it's a holistic approach to life and living. According to this divine knowledge, Human beings are a combination of body, mind, and self; physical and psychological processes are inseparable and interact with both expressions of the life force. The treatment is given to the psycho-physical organism and not to one or the other part of the body.
Ayurveda stands for a life thoroughly rooted in the physical, mental, and spiritual oneness with Mother Nature. SDK Health Complex imbibes the sense and spirit of Ayurveda right from the very ocean of traditional wisdom and tries our level best to be accurate and honest to the pure ancestral ways of practicing it. With an uncompromising dedication to the values of ancient knowledge, we move on to preserve the serene wonders of our indigenous wisdom. Just as Ayurveda considers human beings as a whole, SDK Health Complex believes in a treatment that deeply involves the four limbs, namely the sick, that treat, the medicine, and the medical attendant. In the light of Ayurveda, we offer the cure in a way that ensure SUKHA of all the individual, the family the society and environment.
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Choorakkodi Kalari Sangam
SDK Health Complex is known for its excellent treatment in the field of medicine
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