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Chelavoor Usthad Haji CMM Gurukkal Memorial day will be held on May 6th, 2017, at 9.30 am at SDK Health Complex Chelavoor Pradhama Bhishak Prathiba Award giving Ceremony will be the leading high light of the program. There will be free Ayurveda Medical Camp &Awareness Class on the topic "Bala Roga Chikilsa" Through Ayurvedic perspective. Hon. Speaker of legislative assembly P.Sreeramakrishnan will Inaugurate the function.HON. MLA. A Pradeep Kumar will preside over the function. Dr. S. Gopakumar (Associated Prof & RMO, Ayurveda Medical College Trivandrum)will be the key resource person of the awareness class. The consultancy also will be headed by the following function. SENIOR AYURVEDA CONSULTANT AVVS-KOZHIKODE) 2.Dr.SUBIN SURESH(ASST.PROF KMCT AYURVEDA MEDICAL COLLEGE KOZHIKODE) 3.Dr.ARUN.B.VARIER(ASST.PROFASHTANGA AYURVEDA MEDICAL COLLEGE PALAKKAD) 4.Dr DEEPAK PK (SDK CHELAVOOR) 5.Dr.ASWATH (SDK CHELAVOOR) 6.Dr. SONIYA JHON (SDK CHELAVOOR) 7.Dr. DHANYA(SDK CHELAVOOR) 8.Dr.SWETHADS (SDK CHELAVOR)
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Choorakkodi Kalari Sangam
SDK Health Complex is known for its excellent treatment in the field of medicine
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Chelavoor Usthad Haji CMM Gurukkal Memorial day will be held on MAY 6th, 2019, at SDK Health Complex Chelavoor. There will be free Ayurveda...
  • Mr. Mohammed Riyas - India
    I sincerely appreciate the service and effort made by  Dr. Saheer Ali and SDK staff during my course of treatment at Shafi Dawa Khana, Chelavoor...
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  • Mishal Razak - UAE
    I honor SDK for relieving me from my sickness, which I had for the past three years, and thank you all in SDK for the great...
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