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Sringavacharana (Cupping therapy) is an ancient, popular & effective alternative treatment method in Ayurveda in which the therapist puts special cups on your skin for few minutes to create suction. It is one of the safest remedy for blood borne diseases ( shonitasraya vyadhis). However it doesnot give much results if performed on people with various other ailments and health issues.

Acharya Susruta has given detailed practical guidelines for bloodletting which alone itself is considered as ardhachikitsa. Cupping/ use of sringa is a mode of bloodletting procedure. The other methods are use of jalouka, alabu, prachhana & siravyadha.

During ancient times, sringavacharana was done by manual method that is blood was sucked orally by the physician with the help of animal horns. But now days this method is not practised due to increased awareness of various infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, Venereal disease etc.

For establishment and popularization of sringavacharana in surgical practice, the traditional ways should be altered accordingly without change in the principles.

Cupping is an effective treatment procedure for diseases like Sciatica, Varicose Veins ,Numbness in upper & lower limbs, various Arthritic conditions, Anxiety, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cervical Spondylosis, Depression, Disorders of blood circulation, Skin diseases, Obesity, Various pain Conditions etc.

SHAFI DAWA KHANA  Ayurvedic Hospital chelavoor established  over 60years has given tremendous treatment facilities and is now involved in healing many patients with the help of this parasurgical procedure “cupping “.

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