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Why “Karkidakam / Monsoon” is usually considered to be the most effective month for Ayurveda Treatments.

Why “Karkidakam / Monsoon” is usually considered to be the most effective month for Ayurveda Treatments.


Ayurveda is the ancient indigenous medicine system of India.Kerala – Gods own country with naturally bonded climate and abundance of forest has always been the master of Ayurveda science and has stood for the wholesome mind, body and spiritual growth of human life. Ayurveda is a holistic healthcare system that rejuvenates body; mind and soul along with specific observance of diet and lifestyle suitable for each month defend the body from drastic changes in climatic conditions also. Malayalam month “Karkidakam” Is usually considered to be the most effective month for such treatments.

Importance of Karkidakam – It is the last month in the Malayalam calendar during which the region enjoys the monsoon rainfall entering its final phase. The natural aspects of life on this earth responds to this season for their growth and energy and so does the human body and this month is considered to be ideal for starting treatment for rejuvenating energy and recharging mind and body. The earth being soaked in heavy rainfall after the scorching summer along with the special alignment of our constellation, nature’s habitants become more receptive towards energies. The Ayurveda treatment taken during this period benefits the body very well.

Karkidaka therapies can neutralize many effects caused due to the change in climatic condition and also avoid health problems that originate from the modern living lifestyle and food habits. Monsoon season brings epidemics along with their soothing calmness and Ayurveda helps body fight even the foreign epidemic breakdown. The human body shows a imbalance of the tridoshas – vada , pita, kabha along with a degraded digestive system due to the constant pressure that body undergoes with climatic changes and various other stress. Ayurveda helps to align them and develop immunity in the body. Nowadays Karkidakam is called as the month of “marannu kanji” or “karkidakam kanji” meaning a medicinal porridge that is now distributed by various organisations, institutions and temples within the state’s rural and urban areas. The medicinal herbs mixed along with rice serves as a recuperative diet. Today it is also marketed in many flavours and names.

Another traditional aspect is the kalari massage commonly called as “uzhichil” that is preferred during the month of karkidakam which is an amalgamation of sports medicine and physiotherapy and benefial for repairing of bones, nerves or muscles.Ayurveda oil massages, Panchakarma treatment and various other medicinal intake are done during the month of karkidakam for a better lifestyle and healthy long living body and soul.

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